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List Of Countries With The Highest Number Of Pornstars

The one thing which is common in the entire world is Pornography and the most popular and lovable profession is of Pornstars. Let’s admit here, we all are fans of pornstars. Some of us may have a personal collection of pornstars, that we favour. But do know, which country has the highest number of pornstars? I have an answer for you, actually a complete list, according to Quora:
1. United States Of America
When it comes to female performers, USA is the top contributor to the porn industry. With almost, 45.6% pornstars belong to the US.
2. Russia
Obviously, Russia and US are giving competition to each other in every genre. So here also, Russia produces the 2nd largest number of pornstars (14.65%) after the US.
3. Czech Republic
The Czech Republic has an incredible number of pornstars with only 10 million inhabitants (approx). It is a smaller country but produces a very large amount of beautiful pornstars (12.88 %).
4. Hungary
Like the Czech Republic, Hungary is also the small country but when it comes to producing pornstars, it shows a huge potential with 9.51%.
5. France
France has an almost 2.95% share in the porn industry. Pornstars from France are known for their exquisite beauty.
6. United Kingdom
There are some questions such as “Who are the most famous porn stars from the United Kingdom? and “Who are some sexy British porn stars?” No, guys, we are not discussing these favourites terms. 2.36% of pornstars belong to the United Kingdom.
Other countries on the list are Canada, Romania, Ukraine and Germany with a percentage of 1.68, 1.52, 1.35 and 1.09.
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